Our First Date

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zebra Cutie

The weather turned chilly today and I couldn't wait to get my sweetums in this super cute zebra print outfit. It was perfect, thanks again Auntie C. My sweet girl knew she was looking gorgeous and had a little extra sass in her step:) Please do take note of the perfect accessory, the zebra purse. Gone honey chile!

We went to church and I always smile to myself because as soon as we sit down, whoever is next to us always says ohhhh look at her she's soooo cute. I think to myself, hmmm let's see if your singing that tune in about 10 mins when she's jabbering LOUDLY in your ear. My beauty was true to form and I spent the majority of the service in the church foyer. That was ok, she charmed the deacons out there and I was able to hear most of the sermon through the speaker.
Lil girl you are just bliss personified.

Movie Blues

Pre-Gracie, hubby and I loved to go to the movies. Every Friday and many Saturdays we'd see the latest releases. Initially we tried taking our sweet girl with us but as she got older and ahem more vocal that didn't work so well. So we thought we'd take advantage of my mom being in town and catch a show or two AFTER Gracie was asleep.

Soooo tonight I fed my sweetie a big dinner and gave her a cup of milk which is my secret sleep weapon. She went down but popped back up, but after some soothing persistence I got her to doze off. Wheeee hubby let's get going. We were halfway to the theatre when my phone rang. It was the alarm company (WTH), my mom had set the alarm off but it was my fault because I set it wrong and failed to disable the motion detectors. Good grief, the alarm company dispatched the police, oh geez!
I told the alarm company to please cancel the police dispatch. As soon as I hung up my mom called frantic, I could hear the alarm blaring and the baby crying in the background. I told hubby to just turn the car around we had to go back. Hubby said let's justs forget it and try it another night, but I said NOOOOO I want to go tonight. We made it home and shut the alarm off. Ms. Gracie was skinnin and grinnin so happy to see her momma & daddy. I'm sure she thought oh goodie you guys came back to play.
She wasn't going back to bed anytime soon so hubby suggested we just take her with us but I knew we would never be able to see the entire movie if we did. My mom said you guys just go on she'll be fine. After a little prodding from her (very little) we left....again. I felt so guilty leaving her. My mom has severe arthritis, she's 78 and Gracie is a handful. I called twice before we reached the theatre and it's only 15 mins. away. Well alls well that ends well. We watched the movie Seven Pounds, excellent but heartwrenching, and got back home around 12:30am. I went right into my baby's room and even though she was sleeping I picked her up and held her so close. Poor baby was so worn out that she didn't even flinch.
My mom said she did fine but didn't go to back to sleep until 11:30! I'd hope we would also be able to see the new Brad Pitt movie, but it probably won't happen. Oh well perhaps we can find a good bootleg copy (shhhhhhh).

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Blessing

My cyber sister Celeste received her Christmas Blessing today! Click here for details. I am soooo excited and thrilled for you. Congrats again and I'll be praying for speedy and safe travels!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Homecoming Luv

Isn't this a wonderful homecoming! Almost makes work worth it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kente Claus

I drove clear across town so Gracie could take pics with a chocolate Santa. Ahhh it started out so well.

But then she decided uhhhh I don't think I like this.

The arched back was quickly followed by the forward lunge.

And then a full out, blood curdling bawl & wail. Jigs up Santa, hand her over.

Thanks for the candy cane Santa, cya.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Favorite Things

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Old Town Spring

We made our annual daytrip to Old Town Spring and it was so much fun with our lil elf in tow. It's a neat town/shopping area. Every store is done up for Christmas and they have lots of antiques and other items.

Hubby let Gracie get ahold of this Elmos and she refused to let it go. We had to buy it for her. I couldn't even take it to let the cashier ring it up, I just tore the tag off. She held it tight the rest of the day. She loves her "O".

I loved this rocking horse but Gracie didn't, she was scared and kept reaching for Daddy to get her off. Good, that's one item Santa can cross off the list.
Isn't this a neat santa?! His name was Pepe Santa I think. If I had the $800 dollaroonies, he would definately had been mine. Alas all I could afford was this pic.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

She Walks

Today I went to my sister in law's graduation and Ms. Gracie just took off. She's been making a few steps here and there for the last few weeks but nothing like this. I was one proud momma I tell you. It was pure perfection that my inlaws were there to see it as well. Hubby said that she walked across the kitchen last night so I guess that was just a prelude. The lady you see was at the graduation as well and she just became enamored with Gracie. Gracie and her little girl hit it off and it was so cute to watch. Wow thanks Santa for the early Christmas present.
Oh and by the way, she had on some lovely red steppers but kicked them off in true Diva style!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yes Gracie, there is a Santa Claus

This evening my husband and I were talking about Gracie's Christmas presents and he said we needed to wrap them and put them under the tree. I said well not really, we'll put everything out after she goes to bed on Christmas eve and when she wakes up she'll know that Santa's been there. That's the way my mom always did it for me and I loved it. Hubby said we had presents under the tree a month before and besides I'm not telling her Santa is real..........OH MY GOD, I looked at him as if he had just told me that he was the real Santa Claus. I was actually speechless for a moment, stunned into horrified silence. I said to my husband, your're kidding right?! He said no I'm not telling her that lie and I'm can't believe you want to. Uhhhh look around, I'm a Christmas nut and we have no less than 50 Santas around this house some of which I keep up year around. Sometimes my hubby pulls my leg just to get a rise out of me. I sincerely hope this is one of those times. Wow guess I missed the subject of Santa prior to us walking down the aisle. Hmmmm and here I was thinking we had everything covered. Good grief what's next the Tooth Fairy.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Pics

These are our holiday pics taken at Portrait Innovations. I think they do a great job. I took Gracie to JCP for her 1yr. old portraits and it was a BIG mistake. The photographer was absolutely awful, I don't know if it was her first day or what. I was so disappointed. Nevertheless, I got great pics at her party so it was ok. Friends and family who will be receiving Christmas cards, this is the pic so just act surprised when you open the envelope and still ooo and ahhh. Smooches