Our First Date

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shower Shindig

My BFFs threw me the most fabulous baby shower ever. Everything was just perfect. It was held at La Madelines and the food was awesome, best pasta i've ever tasted. Cakes by Gina made the beautiful cake, it has Lil Diva written across the onsie. It was gorgeous and delicious, marble butter cream with chocolate filling, yummy, yummy. My baby girl got loads of great gifts and she will be the best dressed baby coming out of Addis for sure, Kitty you truely outdid yourself. Thanks for all the sweet, sweet outfits. Na and Karen (4th pic in slideshow), you guys are shower planner extraordinaires. I honestly cannot convey my gratitude for all you've done. Just know that I luv you guys soooo much and your BFF status will remain intact until the end of time. I don't think I will attempt any more gifts though(hee, hee).

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Monday, March 24, 2008


We made it through court today. Gracie is officially, legally and most importantly FOREVER our baby girl. Oh God is soo good. I was worried as always that the "boogie man" would somehow snatch our precious gift away. But of course my God said what is for you is for you. Sooooo next stop Ethiopia babeeee. Can't wait to go and get my sugah woogah.
This Saturday is my baby shower given by my BFFs. It's going to be a blast and I can't wait to get a peek at my sweet girl's bounty. I've attended many showers, never thought there would be one for me.
Look what He has done.