Our First Date

Sunday, April 20, 2008

IFest 2008

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This years International Festival's theme was Out of Africa with spotlight on Ethiopia. It was absolutely awesome. They had a reproduction of one the famed churches of Lalibela, dancers, lots of booths overflowing with Ethiopian wares, food, I mean the works! Hubby and I had a blast. We met another AP, she was there with her gorgeous baby girl that's been home from ET for 2 months. She allowed me to hold her and it felt soo good. Boy I CANNOT wait to get my own baby girl in my arms. We exchanged info. and hopefully we'll keep in touch.
The ET women are beyond gorgeous. I mean stunning. Ms. Gracie comes from some serious genetic perfection. We met quite a few people and I told a few about our girl. Honestly, the reaction was somewhat "strange" for lack of a better word. I would initially tell them that Hubby and I were going to ET in 2 weeks to which their eyes lit up, then I'd say that we were picking up our daughter and their faces changed. I honestly can't say what the look was. But it definatley didn't appear to be delight. Who knows I could be reading it wrong. Anywhoo, it was really a neat day and I'm so glad we had a little taste of what's to come. Smooches

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

May 8th, 2008 D-Day Babeeeee!

We have a travel date!! Technically we will be leaving on May 6 and arriving in Ethiopia on May 8. I'm so excited that I don't even feel scared about the flight. We received the birth certificate yesterday and my muffin butt has really porked up. The nannies must be feeding her lots & lovin her too. She has the cutest lil grin on her face, like she has a secret. I adore this child so much already. Hubby said that she's changed so much that he wondered if she was the same child. She's just filled out so much. I can't wait to kiss those chubby cheeks.
The only snag we hit with travel was our agency. Because we're taking Emirates we have to stay an additional night in Ethiopia. They claim the passports and visas for Gracie won't be ready in time for us to catch our 7:30pm flight out of ET. Honestly, I think it's hogwash but what can we do. So we'll take the next day's flight an stay overnite in a hotel. Just more time for us to get used to our snuggles. Everyone start praying NOW for our safe trip. Smooches

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Bjorn & Fancy Steppers!

I got my Baby Bjorn today. I caught an UNBELIEVABLE deal on Ebay. Only paid .99 cent plus 19.99 shipping, total $21.00. I thought for sure it would be in shabby condition but I took a chance anyway. To my utter amazement the carrier was spank brand new. Woohooo more Blessings for my baby girl!
I also got these fancy steppers along with a super cute frock in the mail today from Grandmama . Are they not the cutest lil footware you've ever seen?! I may have to switch closets with missy, hers is really getting stuffed. Luv U Momma....Smooches.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Wheee, today my coworkers gave me another glorious shower!!! Oh Ms. Gracie is really set now. My lovely coworkers really went all out. I was just stunned by their overwhelming generosity. Thanks everyone. It is truely appreciated. I of course dressed in pink for the event and check out my pink & brown rainboots. Not to shabby huh? Smooches

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