Our First Date

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

State Fair of Texas

We had quite a busy weekend. First meeting Ms. Madelyn Rose and then we went to the State Fair. One of my BFFs, Chris, came along for the ride. A great time was had by all.

There were too many pics to post separately, so I created a little montage. The pics aren't as clear on the montage as I would like but you get the jest of it. Enjoy

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Magnificent Miss Madelyn Rose

This weekend we went on a little road trip and met Ms. Madelyn Rose. She is just gorgeous, wouldn't you agree.

She's so tiny and perfect with dainty little hands and feet. Of course she already has her mommy and daddy wrapped around those sweet little fingers.

Here we are with our girls, just writing that gives me a thrill. K and I have been buds since the 6th grade. I hope our lil ladies are close as well. We live in different cities so it won't be extra easy but not overy difficult either.

Ok Auntie, enough pics, the paparazzi flash is killing me!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Fun

Fall has offically begun, even though it's still hot as heck here. Hubby and I love fall, me because it means Christmas is right around the corner!!! We do a little decorating for the fall and Thanksgiving but for Christmas we go all out. Gracie will probably be walking by then, hmmm I wonder how my decorations will fair with those lil feet on the loose.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Costume Hunt

Hey what's really going on here!

Poor Gracie, we were trying to find a cute Halloween costume for her and subjected the poor child to numerous outfit changes right there in the store. Below are a couple of the contenders but we finally decided on a Pink Leopard. Hubby loved the costume, me aaah well it was ok. I personally preferred the angel costume but hubby wasn't sold on it.

Cow clean up on aisle 1, cow clean up on aisle 1.

This is itchy and hot Mom, get it off!!

On a slightly different note, hubby and I used to decorate our yard for Halloween then we thought the holiday isn't really inline with our Christian values, so we stopped. We did however continue to give out candies to the neighborhood kiddos. Soooo now that we are parents, I wonder is it a wrong move to dress our baby girl up for Halloween? It's just all in good fun.....right?

EDIT The pink leopard is out! Yayyy, I found the perfect costume for my sweetums today. The leopard just wasnt' worthy, sorry hubby;)


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lady in Red

I was going through my sweetums closet trying to organize her clothes by size. She has so many pretty things that she hasn't worn yet. I was delighted to come across this lil red & white number. It's just gorgeous, I didn't even realize she had it. A very nice friend of mine gave me a ton of beautiful things for my girl (thanks Shantell). I better step up Gracie's social engagements so she doesn't outgrow her frocks before she can be seen in them. I wouldn't want to disappoint her adoring public;) Smooches

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Silly Sat Nite

We had the best Saturday nite. Hubby, Gracie and I just hung out at a lil local car show and then caught a movie. Everyone was in great spirits and the weather was so nice. I remember before our sweet girl came to us I used to wonder what our Saturday nites would be like. There're better than I could have ever imagined. I luv u sweet Muffin Butt. Smooches

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Minutes after I posted, the lights came on. Thank God!!!
Elmo in the morning for you Ms. Gracie!!

The Aftermath

Well, we are still without power but one of hubby's coworkers let us borrow a generator. Thank goodness a little internet and tv goes a long way in these circumstances. As I stated before our little family was blessed not to suffer any significant damage. I feel a little shameful complaining about the power situation since others have lost so much. After, these few days of darkness, I can only imagine the horror the Katrina victims suffered in that superdome. We are in the comfort of our own home, safe and dry, and I thank God for that.
Sweetums is doing pretty good, bless her heart, her little schedule is all off. Today she was so fussy, just wouldn't settle down, she missed both of her naps. She finally passed out from sheer exhaustion. Poor sweetums, I'm sure she misses Elmo in the morning, me to. Our lights flickered on today but quickly went back out. Hopefully this means they are working on our area and we'll be up soon. Thanks everyone whose been praying for us, we truely appreciate it. Here some pics from he last few days. Oh, btw, the first pic is not our house, just some I took when we were riding around.
We moved our mattress into the dining room and all slept there. There was a nice breeze coming through the window. I got the cutest shot of Gracie sleepin in the exact same position as her daddy but he won't let me post it because he has his skivvies on. Spoiled sport;)


Sunday, September 14, 2008

We're Ok!!!

Hey Everybody, just a quick note to say we're ok! No power, hot & a lil shell shocked but ok. We only sustained some minor wind damage praiseGod. Please continue to pray for those in our area. I'm tryin to post this through my phone. Don't know if it will work. Take care

Friday, September 12, 2008

Calm before the Storm

Well, we're still holding tight here as Ike comes barrelling down. The winds are picking up and it's looking a bit scary. So far we still have power but my girl Kitt and all her peeps are in the dark. It's gonna be a long night but we have all of our supplies ready. We are all going to sleep in our guest bedroom for safety. No basements in Texas, Celeste, hee hee we would burn up down there. Here are a few pics from earlier today. Cya

P.S. And yes before you ask, my sweet baby is sportin more Christmas gear!

EDIT! Here we go folks, the neighborhood is black and our lights are blinking. We're going to loose power. Include us in your prayers. Cya

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Idiomorphous Ike

My goodness yall, Brother Ike really seems to be getting serious. Hubby and I bought water & food for our lil Muffin Butt. There was controlled chaos and madness in the stores. Walmart was insane! Geez, we didn't plan to evacuate but now I don't know. Hubby says absolutely not but I need to make sure that not a hair on my babies sweet, sweet head is harmed. Sooooo blog family say a lil prayer for the Gracie girl and her nervous parents. Smooches

Bad Batman & Infamous Ike

Tomorrow we get the equivalant of a snow day thanks to Hurricane Ike, so I said to Hubby hey let's take in a late movie. We decided on The Dark Knight and I must say in my opinion it did not live up to all of the hype. I did however think Heath Ledger was awesome as the joker. There was only one other couple in the theatre and they left before the show was finished. Sweetums was an angel pretty much, probably because she didn't have an audience. She slept for a little bit but was awake for most of the movie. I actually felt really guilty having her out during her bedtime but we won't make a habit of it. Anywhoo, hopefully tomorrow we can ALL sleep in. Smooches.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wonderful, Awesome, Stupendous News!!!!!

One of my BFFs and her hubby are the proud parents of a baby girl!!!! Their new little joy is healthy and beautiful. Congrats guys, I'm soooooo happy for you. I can't wait for our girls to become buds. Welcome to mommyhood, it's a whole new world.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Uh oh somebody is seriously cruisin the furniture. Won't be long now & she'll be needing track shoes. This lil girl is so busy as evidenced by the second pic. I looked away for a second and she's crawled up on my computer tray. Daddy & I are done for.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pain Free - How Sweet it is

dancing bear avatar

Today is the first day since my surgery that I woke up pain free. WoooHooooo I'm on my way back yall!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hubby the History Buff

Okkk, my hubby luvs history so today we went to visit one of Texas's historical sites. I wasn't to thrilled at first but it turned out to be not to bad. Here are a few pics from our lil day trip.

Yummy for my Tummy!